The Purchase Module depicts perceptions towards the purchase and production process: here, purchase and production quantities are made visible downward to the receipt dimension. Observe your inventory on discretionary due dates and receive ongoing forecasts about the purchase volume. Recognize the consequences of complex correlations through combination of information regarding purchase, production, and sales.

Quick and Flexible

Depending on requirements and recipients, create individualized reports or choose from a multitude of standardized reports, such as the supplier-detail-report, the report for equity capital and price comparison or the stock range report. The supplier-detail-report illustrates all relevant facts of both your suppliers and the articles they have delivered. The report stock range demonstrates how long the current inventory suffices for the satisfaction of customer requirements while considering inflows (purchase, production) and outflows. Hence, you are able to identify when to react to shortages and to surpluses.

Current and at the Push of a Button

The Purchase Module allows you to answer all essential economical questions, emerging from the sectors Purchase and Production, through a small number of clicks. That way, lead times, developments of procurement price, delivery quantities and reclamations, for instance, are made visible quickly and demonstratively. You will recognize your suppliers and the purpose of your ordered articles at first sight.

A daily data integration (ETL-process) from your operative transaction systems ensures the timeliness of your reports.


Components of the Purchase Module are the two so-called analyze-cubes (topic-related data cubes) Purchase and Production.

The Purchase-Cube provides an overview about all purchasing processes, delivery of goods as well as purchase and delivery orders, planned and present, for a swift analysis of your orders. On the basis of the Purchase-Cube, you can perform price comparisons quite comfortably and may chronologically contrast any suppliers or products, or product groups, respectively. By means of reports you could determine increases in material costs, based on changes of the articles’ purchase prices, and monitor them.

The Production-Cube provides information about all production times and quantities. Thus, performance levels will always stay transparent. A disaggregation of the planned sales volume via an object list facilitates the prediction of the purchase articles’ demand.

Sharing results

When saving the reports you have created, send them to colleagues or supervisors via E-mail and choose any format such as PDF or others. Additionally, there is the opportunity to export tables and operating figures into Excel for further editing purposes.

  • Supplier evaluation: Evaluate your suppliers regarding quality, price, and delivery reliability
  • Efficient planning: Simply and clearly create forecasts regarding your purchase and production quantities
  • Communicate results: Save and send your reports via any format and thereby share them with your colleagues
businessNavi module overview

A data base that is uniform and structured is the foundation of any significant and reliable report. The modules from our product family businessNavi rely on the core module Connect & Warehouse while the frontend is based on IBM Cognos.

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  • Consolidation
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