More transparency with the Finance Module

The Finance Module combines cost center accounting with P&L accounting and allows for an analysis on a receipt dimension. You will receive support from an intelligent cashflow calculation which covers open positions, specific payment behavior, and the current volume of orders for your customer meetings. Without further effort, a broad variety of KPIs will be created by compilation of distinctive points of view while maintaining a solid overview. Each problem mentioned by the management will be answered and proven immediately.

Quick and flexible

Customize individualized reports depending on the requirements and recipients or simply choose from a multitude of predefined reports. Thereby, you will have easy access to the KPIs that are most important to you while being able to keep track of their temporal development.

Would you even like to review your current data on the go? Due to businessNavi’s optimization for smartphone and tablet, you can access your reports even while travelling, thus, being well prepared for your business appointments.

Current and at push of a button

Analyze business transactions according to HGB or IFRS based on company data from the accounting department. You can individually break down figures referring to corporations (management consolidation inclusive), business partners as well as diverse time units. The topicality of your reports is ensured by daily data integration (ETL-process) from your internal transaction systems (i.e., ERP, FIBU).

The Finance Module even alienates the stress associated with the end-of-month account: you have access to your current data anywhere and anytime. This opportunity enables you to purposefully react to deviations from the previous period or from planning.

Accountability for all users

The reports generated by businessNavi are generally divided into three sections: At management level, you will find the aggregated operating figures on one page. First, you independently decide which ones are important to you. That way, all users have the most essential information available to them.

On the deeper second dimension you will find details in case you need further information regarding your operating figure. The utilized calculation methods of the previously illustrated operating figures are on the third level. This supports you in simplified and accountable registration of the establishment of your company dependent operating figures.

Sharing results

When saving the reports you have created, send them to colleagues or supervisors via E-mail and choose any format such as PDF or others. Additionally, there is the opportunity to export tables and operating figures into Excel for further editing purposes.

Anticipatory planning
By means of the optimal planning module, you are even able to execute decentral planning processes and to simulate own scenarios. The results merge into a planning P&L as well as a planning balance sheet.

  • All financial operating figures with one view: Choose combinations from more than ten dimensions and 20 operating figures as required.
  • Accountable operating figures: Each report has an overview of the calculation methods.
Communicate results: Save and send your reports via any format and thereby share them with your colleagues.
businessNavi module overview

Concerning the frontend, IBM Cognos is recommended in order to enable the optimal and extensive possibility for reporting and analyzing. Suitably, standard analysis cubes and reports are determined for the delivery volume of the additional modules businessNavi offers.

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  • Consolidation
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