Simply staying informed …

Subscribe to reports containing relevant information. Those might be daily aggregated reports containing key data about turnover, business backlog, accounting variance or contribution margin. Alternatively, those might be detailed reports with key data about individual assignments, customers or products.

You decide which information you need to the minute. Obtaining the necessary data including quality assurance is automatically conducted by  businessNavi. This provides you with the opportunity to exclusively focus on interpreting and deriving measurements.

The daily report comprises (in this case for the Sales Module) relevant views of your company and depicts integrated views. Setting focus on the day, ongoing month, ongoing year, turnover, business backlog and contribution margin- updated daily. Different views create a complete picture.

The daily report is just one of many predefined reports you will be able to use instantly.


Simply analyse …

Ask questions and solve them yourself.

Each of businessNavi’s modules incorporates an individually usable data warehouse which can be analysed ad libitum.

Our software defines analysis as follows: You create crosstab tables, charts and lists containing diverse operating figures or distinct calculations and evaluate these according to most differentiated dimensions.

The results of your analysis can be saved as reports and thereby become assessable for a broad group of recipients.


Simply plan …

businessNavi integrates IBM Cognos TM1 as a state-of-the-art planning software.

Distribute the planning duties among the team- a single workflow steers the shared data input and provides transparency over the progress of sole partial plans. Hence, you can focus on the data input while accelerating the planning process. Both the master data and the data are automatically transferred to the planning application on a daily basis. Utilize a variety of distribution features for a top-down planning approach and quick adjustments.

Compare different scenarios. The current status of planning immediately becomes available in terms of reports and assessments. No longer waste time for consolidation and actualization of Excel files.



Furthermore, the implementation is quite simple: Combine the standard modules according to your requirements. Benefit from efficient implementation processes (kick off-workshop merging into production rollout within 14 days). The introduction will not only take place in close cooperation, but also be conducted by an experienced project manager who serves as a technical/professional sparring partner.

3 laptops with businessNavi screenshots

The businessNavi solution offers a self-configurated data warehouse. It contains a standardized ETL-process which daily extracts the data from any source and loads it into an integrated data warehouse.

Fast and straightforward, we can design the modules with individual company-related parameters and are able to implement businessNavi within no more than five days; hence, allowing you to work productively with the solution assoon as possible.

businessNavi combines IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM DB2 & Talend to one complete solution.



In addition to our basic module Connect & Warehouse we offer functional modules, adjustable towards your customers and introducible as required.

How often have you been upset about ambiguous information? How often have you been unsuccessfully looking for the appropriate figures? How much time is being wasted on analysing and checking how certain values arise?

We provide the foundation for well-established decisions by introducing a corporate uniform data base as well as fixed processing routines..

Integrity – from order to payment. The optional module Sales is the one our customers use the most of our business intelligence (BI) solution businessNavi.

This module equips you with a structured view of all information concerning each of your customers; not only with a general overview but also with specific details.

Are you able to comprehend your financial operating figures and their emergence ad hoc? Do you desire assurance they are correct?

Would you like to receive relevant reports quickly and easily, preferably automatically distributed when critical threshold values are surpassed?

Do you tend to lose sight of your operational data? Would you like to receive significant reports quickly and easily, preferably automatically distributed when critical threshold values are surpassed?

Recognise in advance, for instance, shortages in purchasing in order to avoid arrears.


Test and try before you buy!

Test us and convince yourself of the performance of businessNavi’s Sales module by a proof of concept or, alternatively, by a test operation over three months with your own data.

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Count Up to 3


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Daily ETLs

Available anywhere and anytime.
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Accelerate – all around consulting service

The mental warehouse for the foundation of Accelerate in 1999 has been transferred by our management through the sustained experiences obtained from groups and medium sized companies in fields such as finance/controlling and marketing/sales. Our treasure trove of experience fathoms on foundation- and restructuring phases we have embossed predominantly.

We have put deep consideration into our company’s name: Reaching measurable results has always been our utmost concern. Every vision, every strategy subsists on achievements being accomplished step by step. That is how we create utility for our customers.

Customer orientation, value orientation and turnover orientation are the corner stone of our work.

Over the years, information technology has acquired importance for the implementation of concepts regarding the control of companies. That is what led to the foundation of Accelerate IT Consulting in Berlin in 2005. It is characterised by a transformation of IT-technical skills into the realization and the support of applications. Technological development towards web-based solutions finally turned out to be responsible for an extension of our service capacity, more specifically, hosting of business software and BI-solutions.


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Klaus Thelen


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Frederik Spang

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